Why you need Google Index Marketing?

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1 min readJun 1, 2021
Google Index Marketing

Why do you need to build GIM (Google Index Marketing) for your brand?

To get positive search results on Google which will reflect on your clients’ and investors’ due diligence compliance towards your company and your brand.

What happens if you don’t have GIM (Google Index Marketing)?

When a potential lead finds your business and gets interested in your proposal, your lead will Google your business. If they find nothing on Google search, it will not be enough to close the deal, and your potential lead will turn to your competitors.

What good can GIM bring to your business?

  1. Online awareness of your brand in Google search
  2. Establish trust and genuine business presence online
  3. Increase power of your website domain by linking Google search results to your company website

How difficult is to get started on building GIM (Google Index Marketing)?

Not difficult at all. All you have to do is to start publishing content online, preferably and recommended through media channels.

For more information about what is GIM and how to get started check this presentation here.



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