Why is it easier now than ever before to start a banking corporation?

Stankevicius Pacific Limited
2 min readApr 23, 2023


Banking market has always been put on the higher tier with limited market entry access, accessible only for huge cashflow enterprises.

New companies facing central bank approvals and bureaucracy licensing taking years to get it done, not to mention the amount of required capital invested.

Things have now changed

It is now possible to get an offshore banking license in just under a month, and by white labeling banking technology, a complete new company can enter banking market just simply as that.

The Netflix of new banking companies

Imagine a place, where you get your banking setup as easy as watching Netflix movies. Imagine getting a full bank done under your brand. Imagine banking under subscription.

It is now possible with the help of Stankevicius Group. By paying a fixed annual license fee, a new company can have a new bank — simply as that; including the primary features of the bank such as:

  • opening dedicated accounts to individual and corporate clients
  • online transactions
  • wealth management
  • investment and asset management
  • electronic trading including crypto currencies

1 annual payment for owning a bank

Starting a banking enterprise on subscription has never been easier before than it is now. By paying once a year a fixed annual fee, a new startup can function as a complete bank.

Interested in running a bank? Contact sales@stankeviciusgroup.com



Stankevicius Pacific Limited

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