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2 min readMar 22, 2022


NFTs are trending now the same way like crypto was trending in 2016. Easy entry to the market and get rich fast schemes through NFTs have attracted many to try their luck.

Yes, there were many projects that actually raised a lot of funds and were successful, at least 100 projects out of which perhaps around 10 are globally recognized. But, wait.. actually in the last 2 years there have been thousands and tens of thousands of projects worldwide. Correct. Everybody is trying their luck. Kind of a hard reminder how the same way crypto boom had started and then.. But wait!

Now, there are still successful NFT and crypto projects out there and many still to come.

What differentiates a successful project which raises $millions and a project which raises $1K USD or does not raise at all?

There are multiple factors indeed, but one key metric is marketing and advertising. Many think launching a project is just that- but it’s not, and especially not if your overall project is based on a meme and luck and does not contain a professional business strategy for an actual ROI and tokenomics.

We have worked with close to 600 crypto companies now since the start of ICOs, and one thing which we see in common between success and failure is lack of strategic commercial approach development to public markets; which includes what is the end user’s use of the product or service, can the product be traded forward?; and so on.

Regardless, in the trending market many of these things do not matter for short term success. However, quality does matter when it comes to content and the outside look.

Yet, when you have this all figured out and you finally need to reach people — you need a professional strategic partner and a real brain for unique corporate partnerships to strengthen the business model and commercial value. At our company we do exactly that; even though our core is media and advertising, we help clients with everything around it to build one strong commercial value proposition for end users, all stakeholders and investors.

And once we do that- we market the hell out of it, and everybody knows it.

If you are thinking of launching an NFT or any tokenized crypto project, consider to work with us. We helped clients raise funds directly not only through commercial ads and PR but through professional investor relations approaches as our network to global VCs is extensive as well. We merge and cross-combine our media and advertising skills with our professional corporate skills and network to bring direct and fast results to our clients.

If you have any questions about NFTs or crypto project launches and public market offerings, don’t hesitate to drop us an email (



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