How to improve your Google Index Marketing?

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2 min readMay 23, 2021


What is Google Index Marketing (GIM)?

Google Index Marketing is the result of what you would get after searching for a certain keyword or a let’s say a name or a brand name in the Google search.

For example, if you are searching for Company XYZ name, the result of what you find and see, will be called the GIM.

See example below for Googling: Stankevicius Group. The results show that Stankevicius Group is mentioned in a lot of media sites, it means that the business is active, the company is doing something and it’s being transparent. This way you can measure company’s credibility by seeing how transparent, how open and how friendly is the company to allow leads, clients and investors to view their background.

How to measure GIM?

Step 1 basic

The more publications you find about Company XYZ the stronger and the better the GIM is of that company. GIM reflects the quantity and quality results. Basic step 1 represents the quantity of how many search results are there associated and found with the Company XYZ name.

Step 2 advanced

The more quality publications you find about Company XYZ, the more credible and the more trusted the company is. High end media sites do the work here. You can find wikipedia pages, tier 1 media publication; these would typically represent a company which is established and active in the industry.

Step 3 no limit

There is no limit of how many publications and indexed items a company can have about itself on Google search. The more the better, and really it never is enough. For constant growth and development, more of it is needed every day. More. More. Competition is high so publishing constantly is important to dominate the industry and your audience. Strategizing between basic and advanced publishing is up to the overall marketing strategy but whatever you decide, either step 1 or step 2, publishing anything just keep pushing is number 1 rule.

To learn more about what GIM is, see documentation here.

To learn more on how to get started with GIM see documentation here.

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