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3 min readApr 8, 2023


It is 2023. More and more companies and creative founders are looking at financial industry at macro level. One particular thing that stands out is banking.

Banking has always been the primary business of the financial world, and not just a regular business but an industry where profits can actualize.

However, to enter banking industry is challenging. Over time financial industry has evolved, and more and more companies are providing more and more financial services within digital banking space. Regulations become more friendly for digital banks, and banking is now accessible to more founders and enterprises than before.

Still, regulations and complications of building an online bank or a digital bank is not an easy task.

At Stankevicius Group as a consulting conglomerate, we try to solve various issues that companies face in international markets. Our unique edge is accessibility and flexibility in international markets and especially emerging markets. We’ve been watching the banking industry for some time now and we been gathering data and working on meaningful solutions.

We spent at least several years analyzing the evolving digital banking industry throughout the world, following different regions and their banking license policies.

In 2023, Q1 we are happy to announce our group has finally managed to put a special banking solution which enables small and large businesses to enter banking industry at ease.

We now officially and commercially provide a fully integrated white-label solution including international banking license with complete financial technology integration under client’s brand.

We offer clients from 0 to a 100 complete banking package on establishing a fully functioning, legal and operative digital bank in just 3–4 months time.

This service includes your new branded bank such as ‘’ with technological ability to onboard international clients, both individuals and corporate, open international accounts and provide IBAN account numbers, issue VISA and Mastercards and enable global transactions. All under 1 solution including International Banking License.

Our customized fully built-in and ready to go banking solution is available on annual license fee or a subscription based model. This particular model removes all the headaches of applications and beaurocracy. We see this solution as a complete set, a one way stop solution, to get the fully bank built up and ready to go for just a single annual license fee which include the actual International Banking License and a full technology whitelabel solution. Additionally, this solution is completely friendly and acceptable to operate digital asset business as well.

At Stankevicius Group, we operate in various industries involving marketing, technology, industrial, commodities and financial services. While being at the top of each industry’s cutting edge solutions provider we are able to assist private clients with the most unique and excellent solution for international markets. At Stankevicius Group we hold an extremely strong positioning in emerging markets and we help clients to enter, sell, raise capital, market and dominate.

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