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Stankevicius Pacific Limited
1 min readMay 29, 2021
Branding online

What is your search result on Google?

Are you satisfied what you see online about your brand and your company?

Maybe it’s time to consider that every potential client who is genuinely interested in purchasing from you will Google your name to gain trust and gut feel whether to make the purchase decision with you or not.

How competitive is your Google search result?

When you Google yourself, question yourself, would you believe in this person or this company or this brand? Would you believe in yourself to make a positive purchase decision based on your own search results?

Do you feel like your competitor might have a little bit more going in Google search and seem much larger?

Take a moment and think.

And realize.

You need more search results about yourself to improve your trust of your name.

Start improving your Google results now and start getting indexed items on Google search for your brand with

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90% of buyers online and offline will Google your company’s name before making a purchase decision. Improve your Google.