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2 min readJun 8, 2021

Let’s talk business to business, where SMEs and corporates trade services between each other within technology and consulting industries.

In B2B market advertising and marketing takes different form. Corporate B2B firms do not utilize social media too much unless part of their divisions provide services to B2C categories.

However, this post is about B2B. For B2B business to close a deal, a sales person will have to draft a professional and convincing presentation based on client’s needs with solutions that the company can provide to the client.

Of course, why would the client choose your company in particular when there are tons of the same type of consulting firms offering pretty much the same? Alright, word of mouth might help you there and then but if we are being honest that’s not global and massive growth. Things happen from time to time but not regularly.

B2B company must convince the client to buy. How does a B2B company convince client to buy? Proof is required, and that proof needs to state your business above others. This proof need to be recognition based, third party based and global awareness based proof, that your company can handle the client and that client is choosing the right firm.

The client may or may not check your social but if you are selling accounting and auditing services, what kind of social media would you have? Probably, not too much going. Social media is not too important in B2B sector, because B2B company CEOs don’t read social posts too much, instead they read magazines, they follow news and global events. The target audience is more mature, and so your channel must be more mature as well.

Let’s assume a typical day in the office. A CEO is going through his list, searching online new partners or suppliers, who knows. Let’s say he find a firm that caught his attention, what is he going to do next?

He will want to find the website for that firm to check it out. What he does next? He Googles your company name and tries to find the website, at the same time he gets the picture about how well known is the company and how this company is being perceived in the local and global market.

That’s it.

It all goes down in Google search, in which the results of company’s awareness shows up, and those results will influence the purchase decision of that CEO.

Improving your Google search results is critical.

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